The consequences of COVID-19 for Facilities Management

27th January 2021

  It’s not been an easy time for the facilities management sector during the coronavirus pandemic. Will the future be any brighter? Let’s find out. The Coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone’s work life, but it’s perhaps had more effect on people in the facilities management industry than most. Many offices were closed, reopened, closed again […]

What to watch out for in PropTech in 2021

18th January 2021

2020 was a volatile year in the property industry, and we should expect the unexpected in 2021. How will new technology help agents serve their customers? PropTech is driving a digital transformation across all areas of the property industry. From residential sales to commercial investment, the landscape for investors and occupiers is changing rapidly. If […]

How will short-term rent freezes affect landlords and tenants in the long- term?

2nd June 2020

Rent freezes designed to ease pressure on tenants during the Coronavirus crisis may help in the short-term, but could they cause more serious problems further down the line?

How will COVID-19 affect the global property industry?

27th May 2020

Property markets around the world are feeling the effects of the Coronavirus crisis, and there is so much we don’t even know yet.  This blog explores the affect COVID-19 will have on the global property industry.

Reopening your workplace after the Coronavirus lockdown

20th May 2020

We all want to go back to work, but our primary focus must be on keeping our staff members safe. What should we consider now to make that first day back a successful one?

Senior leaders – How to keep your teams motivated when working remotely

6th May 2020

These are unprecedented times. We all are having to adapt the way we work to match them – including leaders. Let’s find out more.

APC study in Lockdown – how to utilise this time and get ahead in your career

Has studying towards your APC been put on the backseat because of the pandemic?  Perhaps you’ve been furloughed and are at a bit of a loose end?

Don’t sit back and do nothing, use this time to get yourself ahead in your career by keeping up to date with current affairs and continuing your personal development.

Covid-19 and Facilities Management

15th April 2020

A brief look into the facilities management industry and how it’s dealing with Covid-19.

Construction and Covid-19

These are unprecedented times globally as we try and fight and mitigate the damage this silent killer is causing! Here’s some key messages to we’d like to get across in this unusual time.

What’s happening right now in Commercial Property

The UK is beginning its third week of lockdown, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. As someone who works in Commercial Property, you’ll be dealing with your own unique issues on top of all of this. Here are three issues that the people we speak to have on their minds.

Should your employer offer unlimited holidays?

17th February 2020

If it works for Netflix and Virgin, it will work for you, right? Let’s find out more about unlimited holidays.

Why your office needs a dog

21st January 2020

Go on! Ask your boss to get you an office dog. There are so many reasons why you’ll be glad you did.

Creating a personal brand on social media in 2020

14th January 2020

What do you want your prospects and customers to feel about you? It’s time to get thinking about your personal brand.

Landscape Architects – How to be an irresistible hire

17th April 2019

With more practices looking for high quality Landscape Architects (LA’s) and approaching Joshua Robert to help them find them their ‘perfect’ candidate, Donna Banks shares her advice on what skills and qualities recruiters are seeking most – and ultimately, how to be an irresistible hire in today’s market.