First Interview Tips You Should Know

4th October 2022

Congratulations! You’ve secured your first interview! 🥳 However, it’s now time to prepare for the interview, and we have you covered. “You never have a second chance to create a first impression,” as the saying goes. What struck you the most the last time you met someone new? According to experts, 55% of initial impressions […]

5 CV tips that will get you hired

16th August 2022

You’ve found your perfect role! They offer great pay, hybrid working, and a fantastic benefits package. You’re about to upload your CV when you see 200 people feel the same way and have also applied. How do you stand out from the rest?  Your CV is the first hurdle in a job application. It’s your chance […]


8th August 2022

Congratulations! You got the job! The team here at Joshua Robert are over the moon for you. All that interview preparation and hard work was all worth it. But now the real work begins. Are you feeling nervous? Excited? We bet you are. With your first day at your new job soon approaching, it’s normal […]

What is a Surveyor?

29th June 2022

Did you know that surveyors are involved throughout the lifecycle of buildings and construction projects? From purchasing the land, to planning and monitoring the construction and managing the finished building. They are even involved in a building’s final demolition decades later!    But what do they actually do?   In 2021, there was a total […]

What is an Asset Manager?

27th June 2022

Ever wondered what an Asset Manager does? Or are you looking to move into a new industry? Read below to learn more about Asset Management.   If you’re interested in joining the world of Asset Management or are currently looking for a new opportunity, check out the bottom of this article. Asset Management involves increasing […]

Is working from home now more important than ever?

20th April 2022

Working from home has become the new norm since Covid-19. Previously, only 5% of the workforce worked from their homes compared to the 46.6% during the first Covid-19 lockdown. Despite the cost of living increasing, employers are still expecting their employees to return to the office 5 days a week. Are you struggling with the […]

The shortage of Surveyors explained.

14th March 2022

Surveyors play a key role in shaping the world. From helping to develop sustainable cities, to solving global issues like urbanisation, migration, and resource scarcity. Surveyors are involved throughout the lifecycle of buildings, from buying the land to managing the finished building. They’re even involved in a building’s final demolition decades later. But why is […]

Am I ready for a new job?

11th February 2022

Bad days are guaranteed at work, you may have a large workload or a dreaded meeting coming up – but your job shouldn’t feel like a chore every day. According to research found by CV-Library, 39.7% of Brits dislike their current job. If you dislike your job, what is the point in staying? It may […]

Working in the Metaverse

4th February 2022

what is the Metaverse and how will it change working in years to come? Author: Charis Bedford Working from home Working from home has gone from a dream to a reality for many people after realising the challenges of working from home. The Pandemic is seen to have created a new normal after almost two […]

Reopening your workplace after the Coronavirus lockdown

20th May 2020

We all want to go back to work, but our primary focus must be on keeping our staff members safe. What should we consider now to make that first day back a successful one?

Senior leaders – How to keep your teams motivated when working remotely

6th May 2020

These are unprecedented times. We all are having to adapt the way we work to match them – including leaders. Let’s find out more.

APC study in Lockdown – how to utilise this time and get ahead in your career

Has studying towards your APC been put on the backseat because of the pandemic?  Perhaps you’ve been furloughed and are at a bit of a loose end?

Don’t sit back and do nothing, use this time to get yourself ahead in your career by keeping up to date with current affairs and continuing your personal development.