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With an ever increasing population the demand for new homes is as fierce as ever.

Undersupply for new housing has been one of the key challenges for successive governments. With no sign of the demand slowing, it’s little surprise that the talent pool to support this shortage is one of the key barriers to growth.


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James Wilson

PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT – rural & residential property

James is responsible for Rural and Residential Surveying opportunities. His specialist focus includes utilities, agency, valuation, property management, estates and asset management. James is an armed forces veteran having served within the Paratroopers and also the Metropolitan Police, before changing his career focus to recruitment.

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Within the residential sector, Joshua Robert has forged lasting relationships with a variety of organisations, from property management specialists to market-leading sales and lettings agents, chartered surveying practices, property consultancies and panel managers acting on behalf of lenders.

Joshua Robert is passionate about supporting employers and job seekers in all aspects of the residential built environment. We understand the importance of managing, maintaining, acquiring and selling property in the correct way, and the importance of attracting and retaining the right staff to support this.

How Residential Property works

Residential real estate can be single-family homes, condominium units, apartments, townhouses, duplexes, and so on. Residential property can be an attractive investment. Unlike stocks, futures, and other financials, many people have first-hand experience with both the rental market as tenants and the residential real estate as homeowners.

Equally, we only work with the very best employers and invest heavily in deeply understanding what each individual requires from their next role, what their aspirations are and what truly matters to them. By understanding this in-depth, we ensure we consistently achieve the right fit.

Our residential property experts are passionate about housing in the UK and are fully committed to helping the best candidates work with the best employers.




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