What is a Development Manager? And what do they do?

Ever wondered what a development manager is or what they do day to day? Find out more below!

A development manager is an essential role within many large businesses; they are essentially responsible for the progress and procurement of new property developments. Development managers serve as the point of contact for customers and upper management. They work as project managers scheduling and delegating tasks required to successfully complete the company’s initiatives.

Their day-to-day tasks may vary but typically include:

  • Managing land acquisition and planning issues
  • Having a responsibility to progress through the technical, legal, and financial stages of the development
  • Inspecting and appraising new land opportunities
  • Reviewing and advising on redundant land in terms of redevelopment potential and completing acquisitions.
  • Providing technical advice and liaising with architects and local authorities

What skills do you need to become a Development Manager? 

A background in real estate is essential, especially through development all the way to delivery. This is vital as a development manager is responsible for the progress and procurement of property developments. Previous experience in identifying and appraising sites that have development potential is also important.

However, development managers are generally required to have a bachelor’s degree in project management, Business Management, or any related field. Development managers within specialised industries may also be required to obtain additional certifications which are relevant to the field. With sustainability becoming ever more important, it can also be crucial that some development managers have experience with new infrastructure sustainability.

Are you looking for a role as a development manager?

We are currently working with West Midlands Combined Authority and have a great opportunity for three development managers to join their team!

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Development Manager